Welcome to Henley Square Pavilion

Henley Square Pavilion is just across the road from the famous Henley Square, in one of the most well-known South Australian beach side suburbs of Henley Beach.

Henley Square Pavilion is home to more than 28 vendors purveying everything from premium groceries to fresh meats & seafood, delicate desserts to high end fashion, cafes to coffee shops, travel to pampering, homewares to lifestyle.

Henley Square Pavilion gets its name from the historic three story pavilion that was built at the end of the jetty in the early 1900’s. The pavilion attracted locals and interstate visitors and housed three floors of Devonshire teas, fine music and ocean views. Now over a century later the area continues to attract visitors from local and afar and Henley Square Pavilion is the destination for everything you need.